Shenanigans features accounts of some humorous stories about Notre Dame and the world of entertainment.

When Frank leahy introduced his brother to Pat O'Brien, Jack leahy flashed a wide smile and extended a hand. "I could never forget the great actor who played Father Flannigan in Boy's Town,' he declared.

"Oh," said Pat O'Brien, "that was Spencer Tracy."

"Well," Jack Leahy replied, "I'm positive that had they given you the part, you would have done fine"

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Knute Rockne and All That Jazz is the only legitimate theater vehicle about Notre Dame. It's a Broadway musical that never made it out of South Bend, with good reason.

The cast of characters includes the Four Horsemen, Chicago gangsters, a beautiful young ingenue, and a cleft-chinned gridder named Frankie O'Rourke. The plot stumbles along like a summer camp skit; the song lyrics sound best when hummed.

The play was never produced, Broadway angels undoubtedly sensing that it would run about as long as Earl Campbell did against the Notre Dame defense. Knute Rockne and All That Jazz may be the reason John Goldfarb left home in the first place.

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Silent film comedian Snub Pollard hamming it up for the camera. Adam Walsh finds the football more amusing.

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