Semper Victurus

Pat O'Brien looks over his new home at Notre Dame; Sorin Hall.
Disce Quasi Semper Victurus Vive Quasi Cras Moriturus"
("Study like you will live forever; live like you will die tomorrow".)

Starting in the late 1870's, this rather intimidating phrase was the Scholastic Magazine credo. Ironically, the Scholastic proved to be the vehicle which has allowed the daily experiences of Notre Dame students during the past 150 years to truly "live forever". Scholastics are a virtual gold mine of Notre Dame history, and more importantly, of insight into the daily lives of its students. These first hand reports of campus life, written by student reporters, give a candid and personal view of important (and trivial) events on the Notre Dame campus. Joe Madonia, an '82 alum and partner in the Chicago law firm of Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon, will edit a monthly column of excerpts from his rare and wonderful collection of original Scholastic Magazines spanning the period from 1869 - 1931.

Semper Victurus - stories from the Scholastic regarding the Warner Bros. film crew and their campus activities. They are from the May 1940 editions of the Scholastic and are provided by the Archives of the University of Notre Dame.

Hollywood Comes Here Tuesday To Film Scenes

Lights ! Action! Camera! -and it isn't just another Camera Club meeting. It's the producer, director, cast, and camera crew of "The Life of Rockne" transforming Notre Dame's campus into a giant sound stage. According to a recent announcement from the Warner Bros. studio, this Hollywood migration leaves Sunday and will set up the mighty kleigs on our quadrangle Tuesday.

Included in the filmland entourage will be Actors Pat O'Brien and Donald Crisp, Director Lloyd Bacon, Producer Rybert Fellows, and a full camera crew. It is expected that Mrs. O'Brien will accompany her husband and that they will arrive here a few days early in order to rest and sight-see before the actual shooting starts.

Some of the seniors will participate in a graduation preview since a commencement reproduction will be filmed during the week's scene-shooting. Other student screen debuts will be made in a reproduction of Rockne's funeral Mass in Sacred Heart Church. The Moreau Seminary choir will also be used for this scene...Sorin will be the favored residence hall for the picture since it was here that Rockne lived as a freshman. The script calls for the usual comfort-loving porch-sitters to authenticate the atmosphere; with this balmy May weather they shouldn't have much trouble in filming this scene. It is during this sequence that Rock meets Gus Dorais, his actual roommate, teammate and friend, and present coach at Detroit University.

Gus Dorais (Owen Davis, Jr.) meets Knute Rockne.

Donald Crisp is portraying "Father Callahan." This character really represents the late University president, Rev. John Cavanaugh, C.S.C. It is probably a reproduction of Rockne's meeting with "Father Callahan" that will be done here next week. -Ed Butler

* * * * *

Just a Word About...

....those men with the cameras, the kleig lights, the wardrobes, the autographs, the student stars, the weather, and Pat O'Brien. Therein was the last big act on the greenward. Quite a show those Hollywood boys can put on, too.

Unofficial rumor around Walsh Hall has it that the cinema is here to stay. Registrar Riordan is non-commital about reports that all prospective students will have to take screen tests before gaining admittance to the University. So goes Hollywood, Notre Dame, and the rumors --round and round.

.....The Sorinites worked in shifts to hold the Sorin porch for the movie scenes...they even went so far as to hire fifteen extra-extras from Walsh to hold the seats when they became tired....payoff came when the scenes were shot while some of the Walsh gentlemen were still pinch-hitting.

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