Semper Victurus

An early photo of Rockne as a new head coach

An early photo of Rockne as a new head coach.


Disce Quasi Semper Victurus Vive Quasi Cras Moriturus"
("Study like you will live forever; live like you will die tomorrow".)
Starting in the late 1870's, this rather intimidating phrase was the Scholastic Magazine credo. Ironically, the Scholastic proved to be the vehicle which has allowed the daily experiences of Notre Dame students during the past 150 years to truly "live forever". Scholastics are a virtual gold mine of Notre Dame history, and more importantly, of insight into the daily lives of its students. These first hand reports of campus life, written by student reporters, give a candid and personal view of important (and trivial) events on the Notre Dame campus. Joe Madonia, an '82 alum and partner in the Chicago law firm of Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon, will edit a monthly column of excerpts from his rare and wonderful collection of original Scholastic Magazines spanning the period from 1869 - 1931.


While Irish fans recently were welcoming their new football coach to the family, surely none stopped to think that more than 80 years ago, new coach Knute Rockne was getting a similiar welcome:  "Congratulations, Knute K. Rockne.  No man in the days of modern intercollegiate athletics ever stepped into a desirable position better equipped for the job than the inimitable Rock.  Learned, liked, capable, inspiring, courageous and resourceful, no one can see anything but undiluted success for the great 1913 football captain.  In his own alma mater and in every other school with which Notre Dame competes he is a favorite.  His popularity is in its infancy".  In hindsight, the praise was both understated and prophetic, surely a credit to the perceptive Scholastic editors.


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