Vol. 5 No.03
In a crucial defensive play in the fourth quarter, Demetrius DuBose and Devon McDonald stop Penn State at the goaline. (Courtesy of the University of Notre Dame Archives)
In a crucial defensive play in the fourth quarter, Demetrius DuBose and Devon McDonald stop Penn State at the goaline. (Courtesy of the University of Notre Dame Archives)

Reflections will feature excerpts from books with stories and memoirs about Notre Dame.

This month's edition of Reflections From The Dome features accounts of the "Snow Bowl" game from The South Bend Tribune and Joe Garner's Echoes Of Notre Dame Football.

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Campus Life will feature inspirational stories from the past and present about the spirit of the Notre Dame community.

Campus Life this month features a story about how Notre Dame's primitive end zone chalk marking are a traditional key to victory.

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Irish Legends will feature monthly excerpts from Out of Bounds, the anecdotal history of Notre Dame football. They are reprinted here with the permission of authors Larry Weaver and Mike Bonifer.

This month's edition of Out of Bounds features the story of Notre Dame's first visit to Happy Valley in 1913.

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This newest column of the Irish Reveries newsletter will feature excerpts taken from the archives of Notre Dame's campus magazine, The Scholastic.

Semper Victurus - A great article from the Scholastic's 1992 Football Review about the "Snow Bowl," by Peg Ward. Intro by Joe Madonia.

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Stories from the Grotto. A new column with inspirational stories from the book Grotto Stories.

Grotto Stories features an interesting story about a mother's faith and the peace that it brought to her.

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Herb Juliano was the curator of the International Sports and Games Collection at Notre Dame, researcher for the Notre Dame Sports Information Department, and author of a wonderful memoir, Notre Dame Odyssey. The following stories are excerpted from his book and archives.

Herb's Archive features an article about the great games in the classic series between the Nittany Lions and the Fighting Irish.

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Shenanigans will feature humorous stories from the gridiron and campus.

Shenanigans will feature a humorous story about Penn State from Lou Holtz, among others.

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