Vol. 1 No.4

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Dave Huffman gives Kris Haines a victory hug after the winning touchdown pass.

Reflections will feature excerpts from books with stories and memoirs about Notre Dame.

Reflections From The Dome will have two segments this month. First is a reprint of Sal Maiorana’s (CBS SportsLine Historian) excellent article on the ’79 Cotton Bowl for CBS SportsLine.

Secondly, there have been many stories, myths and misconceptions about the "Chicken Soup Game" and what went on in the lockerroom at halftime. Irish Legends has interviewed star players, student managers and team doctors to learn the inside story on how the team turned a rout into one of the greatest victories in Notre Dame football history.

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Irish Legends will feature monthly excerpts from Out of Bounds, the anecdotal history of Notre Dame football. They are reprinted here with the permission of authors Larry Weaver and Mike Bonifer.

This edition of Out of Bounds will tell the story of the Notre Dame team's trip to Pasadena for the 1925 Rose Bowl.

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Shenanigans will feature humorous stories from the gridiron and campus.

Humor and anecdotes from Bowl games past are the subject of this edition of Shenanigans.

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Campus Life will feature inspirational stories from the past and present about the spirit of the Notre Dame community.

In this edition of Campus Life, Irish Legends will tell the story of one of the most fascinating Christmas traditions at Notre Dame. This tradition, a gift exchange between the local Potawatomi Indian tribe and the University began back in the early twenties and continues to this day.

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Letters from the Notre Dame family. We welcome you to send letters about your experiences and reminiscences about Notre Dame. If you would like to contribute a story for any of the headings on this page please use the email link letters@irishlegends.com for your submission.

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