Vol. 2 No.8


Reflections will feature excerpts from books with stories and memoirs about Notre Dame.

This month's Reflections From the Dome will honor the memory of our founder, the Rev. Edward F. Sorin. Excerpts are from the books of Richard Sullivan, Francis Wallace and James S. O'Rourke.

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Irish Legends will feature monthly excerpts from Out of Bounds, the anecdotal history of Notre Dame football. They are reprinted here with the permission of authors Larry Weaver and Mike Bonifer.

This month's edition of Out of Bounds will feature an anecdote about Father Sorin and the "fighting irish."

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Shenanigans will feature humorous stories from the gridiron and campus.

Shenanigans will feature humorous cartoons from Michael Molinelli's Molarity.

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Campus Life will feature inspirational stories from the past and present about the spirit of the Notre Dame community.

Campus Life will feature an excerpt from Richard Sullivan's Notre Dame, The Story of a Great University.

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Letters from the Notre Dame family. We welcome you to send letters about your experiences and reminiscences about Notre Dame. If you would like to contribute a story for any of the headings on this page please use the email link letters@irishlegends.com for your submission.

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