Vol. 1 No. 1

Mike Oriard Courtesy of Notre
Dame Sports Information Dept.

Reflections will feature excerpts from books with stories and memoirs about Notre Dame.

The following is an excerpt from Mike Oriard's book, The End of Autumn. Mike was a walk-on who became a starter in his junior year in 1968. He was the center for Terry Hanratty's team and was known for his intelligent line play and excellent blocking techniques. In 1969, Mike was the starting center for Joe Theisman's team and was voted a team captain, selected as an All-American and drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs. Mike is the only non-scholarship player to be so honored The excerpt is re-printed here with the permission of Bantam Doubleday Dell books. The End of Autumn was published in 1982 and is available through our Books page.

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Irish Legends will feature monthly excerpts from Out of Bounds, the anecdotal history of Notre Dame football. They are reprinted here with the permission of authors Larry Weaver and Mike Bonifer. This first entry tells the story of Notre Dame's first game in 1887.

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Shenanigans will feature humorous stories from the gridiron and campus.

"Rockne, who had a habit of giving his players impromptu quizzes, collared Frank Carideo's substitute in practice one day. "It's our ball on the enemy's two- yard line, fourth down, goal to go" Rock barked at the unsung quarterback. "What would you do?" "Move over on the bench a little so I could see the touchdown better," replied the sub.'


Campus Life will feature inspirational stories from the past and present about the spirit of the Notre Dame community.

In the first installment of Campus Life we will tell the amazing story of Timothy Cordes and his quest to become the second blind student ever to be accepted into medical school. A link is provided here to access the article

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Letters from the Notre Dame family. We welcome you to send letters about your experiences and reminiscences about Notre Dame. If you would like to contribute a story for any of the headings on this page please use the email link letters@irishlegends.com for your submission.

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