From "Out of Bounds"

Photo: MascotMikeBook

Mascot Mike of Notre Dame by Leila B. Rostiser.

This month's edition of Out of Bounds features a humorous story about Clashmore Mike.


Clashmore Mike was the name given to a succession of Irish terrier mascots at Notre Dame. (In recent years the mascot job has fallen to student leprechauns, who leave less of a mess on the sidelines, though they occasionally require distemper shots.) Clashmore Mike is regarded fondly by old grads, who saw the dog as the embodiment of a feisty Irish spirit.


The canine was even the subject of a book titled Mascot Mike of Notre Dame. The plot: clever little Mascot Mike nips and worries the Army mule, during a halftime and sends the beast off humiliated. The book was one in a series on college mascots, which means that somewhere there is a book in which the Army mule drop-kicks Clashmore Mike into the Hudson River