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Irish Legends: Drew Fraser, a fan from Vancouver, BC wrote looking for a size 54 authentic Notre Dame football jersey and a size 58 (!) hockey jersey:

Well Vince thanks very much for your reply regarding the size 54 jersey.  Well let's just say that at 6'3" and 305, you could say that I am lineman size, as for eligibility, I played Highschool football at Notre Dame High school here in Vancouver BC, but now at the ripe old age of 36, I think I'm a little past the age you can start, but it made me laugh my butt off.

Actually I have tried the Bookstore on Campus, the Varsity Shop, and I did call  Killir Sports at least twice and never heard anything back.  I would love to get an authentic jersey that I could wear, as I said in my note the two size 48 authentics I have are beautiful and I will have them framed, but they will never fit me...(laugh)

I still coach, and have done so for 17 years now, both offensive and deffensive lineman at the highschool level.  As you said it is offensive lineman size and that's what I am, hey they don't call me "Bear" for nothing.

Anyway I'm a huge Irish fan, saw them play down in Stanford a few years ago and saw them at the University of Washington a couple years back and one day will take my second trip to SouthBend to see a game live.

So, way more info than you needed but if there is anything you can do, I would really appreciate it, as it is very hard to find anything (ND Authentics) here in Vancouver, I do make sure that I get all the Catalogs each year from the University and anywhere else I can.
Take care and once again thanks for your reply, and all your help...
Go Irish.

Drew Fraser

Hi!    I was checking out your web site and noticed the Rockne bust in your heading. Can you tell me anything about it's history. Is it a reproduction ?  I have one that I believed to be original. I would appreciate any information on this item. 

                                                           Thank You                                                               Harris M.

Irish Legends: My bust is a period replica of the original done by Russian sculptor Nixon Tregor. The bust was commissioned by the Bendix Corporation of South Bend and presented to the University in 1931 in honor of Rockne. The original is now in the Rockne memorial building on campus. Many fans rub Rock's nose for good luck before a game.

The sculptor never met Rockne but worked from photographs and was aided by former Rockne teammate and roommate Gus Dorais. I think it is a beautiful likeness to the old coach.

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