Notre Dame, the Official Campus Guide by Damaine Vonada is the first definitive guidebook ever written about the University of Notre Dame. Inside is a comprehensive, lively collection of facts and anecdotes, historical information, sketches, and color photographs, all organized in an easy to use format. It will serve as an excellent introduction to the campus for new visitors and it will inform, entertain, challenge and surprise alumni and campus regulars. Visitors to the University of Notre Dame invariably arrive with the expectation of seeing something special and their expectations are fully met as they experience one of the most beautiful and well-planned universities in the nation. Notre Dame, the Official Campus Guide leads readers on an exciting tour of every quad and major university building. It even provides tips on where to park, eat, and find lodging.

The University occupies a singular place in American education and culture. Notre Dame has its own identity, a unique combination of religious values, academic achievement, athletic tradition, and inspired loyalty and comradeship among its undergraduates and alumni. This guidebook will help readers connect with Notre Dame's culture and history by describing its famous landmarks; pointing out beautiful campus views; discussing time-honored events and customs such as the Fisher Regatta, the Bathrobe Breakfast at Breen-Phillips Hall, lighting candles in the Grotto, and the Band waking up the campus with the “Victory March” on football Saturdays.

Highly readable and entertaining, Notre Dame, the Official Campus Guide will appeal to actual and “armchair " visitors alike. This instant classic makes an ideal gift and is the ultimate, one-size-fits-all Notre Dame souvenir.

Damaine Vonada is a journalist and author of numerous travel publications.

Robert Ringel is Staff Architect at the University of Notre Dame and a free-lance photographer. He has illustrated several publications.


228 pages

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