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Christmas memories 1938

Christmas memories 1938


Campus Life this month features a tongue-in-cheek look at spending the Christmas vacation at Notre Dame. From the January 18, 1957 Scholastic.

Yuletide in South Bend
by Bryan Woods

Things you will never read in any newspaper.

2,000 N.D. Students
Will Stay At School
Over Holidays

In a move that is absolutely unprecedented, 2,000 underclassmen at the University of Notre Dame informed University officials that they planned to stay at the school over the three-week Christmas vacation. They said that they have made up their minds and would not consider changing them. This paper sent a reporter to cover the story and to interview some of the students who are taking part in this movement. Below are some of the comments he received:

John Kuhn, senior, said, "In my case it's the food. After eating at the dining hall for over three years I don't think I could stand to eat the stuff my mother cooks at home."

Pat Hughes, junior, had another reason: "In my case it's the climate. Back in California it'd be the same old warm sunshiny, spring-Iike weather. After all, the best part of the St. Joe Valley weather has just started to arrive. How could anyone want to leave?"

John McGinley, also a junior, says, "They told me there was no Santa Claus. I feel crushed. Life has lost all meaning. I don't think I could face my family knowing they've been deceiving me all these years."

Terry Lamb, sophomore, said, "Don't you know that exams will be here in a month. I'm in commerce and you know what that means. I have to start cramming right now, and I can't be bothered with dates, parties, and all that foolishness. I'll stay right here."

Frank Spiering, freshman, explained, "In my case it's very simple. I don't expect to finish pre-registering for at least three weeks."

Bob Landry, junior, went into more detail. "My reasons have to do with the social life around here. After the wild parties I've become accustomed to at Notre Dame, I am sure that I would be bored silly having to spend three whole weeks in a jerkwater place like New York. This South Bend night life really grows on you, believe me."

Tommy O'Brien, junior, put it this way. "I'm in army ROTC and it's my ambition to be the best cadet ever. I've noticed lately that my dlilling is a little sloppy. By staying here I will have the field house to myself and can practice to my heart's content. That means more to me than any vacation."

In the same military vein, Jack Kirchner, senior, told us, "I'm a marine and marines are tough. None of this pogey-bait holiday stuff for me. I'll spend my time hiking to Mishawaka and back every day. That's my idea of a vacation."

Chris Walsh, sophomore, put it neatly: "I haven't ever slept in a sack quite like the one they gave me here. That's reason enough for me."

Here's what Tiny Ryan, a junior, said: "Look, it's like this. I stay here and I get to bed at ten at night. I'm leading a healthy, relaxed life. If I go home, I'll stay out late all the time, go out with girls, drink beer, drive around, and all that stuff. I like it right here."

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