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The Walks around St. Jospeh’s Lake, Notre Dame, Indiana.

The Walks around St. Jospeh’s Lake, Notre Dame, Indiana.


The following description of  Zahm Hall is from the superb guide book, Notre Dame, the Official Campus Guide, by Damaine Vonada. It's available in the book section at:

There is a definite duality about St. Joseph's Lake, which manages to be reverent and recreational at the same time. Not only are the majority of Holy Cross buildings located here, but the lake is also the site of a much-used swimming beach and Boathouse. Actually, this presents some rather rare opportunities. At how many other places, for example, could you make the Stations of the Cross (they're posted in the woods just beyond the lake's southwest shore) while catching a glimpse of a crisp white sail?

The trails around St. Joseph's Lake are covered with a thick canopy of trees, and their shade cools the air and makes hiking or jogging there quite pleasant even on the warmest days. Although there are steps leading to the lake trails from the edge of Holy Cross Drive, most people begin their walks on the paths near Columba Hall. The Stations of the Cross, which were done in bronze by Ernest Thorne Thompson, are close by, and to the northwest across the water, the same sculptor's huge cross-Crucifixion-stands silhouetted against the trees. As you head counterclockwise around the lake, you're sure to notice wild plants – myr tle, honey-suckle, raspberries, goldenrod, roses  -and if you stand near the waters edge, schools of small fish are likely to appear and wait for you to feed them. At the end of the lake, you’ll come to the picturesque Boathouse and the sands of St. Joe Beach, where Notre Dame students, faculty and staff members go swimming when lifeguards are on duty. A short distance beyond them are Holy Cross House, a modern retirement and medical facility for retired priests and brothers, and the Province Archives Center, where the Holy Cross community's history and documents are preserved. The trail then passes two final buildings - Moreau Seminary and St. Joseph Hall - before veering south toward "the Island" and Columba Hall.



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