What is the mission of Irish Legends?

Irish Legends was created as a home for those interested in Notre Dame football history, books, collectibles and photographs. While the main focus of the site will be football, we realize that the University is much than its athletic teams. We are also interested in the history of Notre Dame's campus, students, professors and its staff. Our goal is to be a source of information for all these entities.

Who are the proprietors of Irish Legends?

Vince Gratzer is a lifelong Notre dame fan and subway alumni. (See my introductory letter) He is a former teacher who is freelance historical researcher for feature films, television, and documentaries. Vince is also producing a documentary about the 1935 Notre Dame - Ohio State game, the original "Game of the Century."

Jack Fisher is our co-creator, technical guru and webmaster. Jack is a St. Louis based website designer, photographer, technical whiz, friend and all-around nice guy. (Rumors afloat that Jack will design websites for BBQ, chocolate and red vines are totally unfounded.) Jack is working on a website called caloriecounter.com and can be contacted at jack@caloriecounter.com

How do I contact Irish Legends?

By mail: Irish Legends
917 Larrabee Street Suite 26
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Email: For product orders: orders@irishlegends.com

Phone: for orders or order information only. 310/657-7701

To submit letters for publication consideration: letters@irishlegends.com

For inquries about Larry's Ticket Office: ndtixlarry@aol.com

When can I expect a response from Irish Legends about an inquiry?

Whenever possible, Irish Legends will respond to you email questions within 24-48 hours. On occasions (like football weekends in South Bend) we will extend this to 72 hours.

How do I order memorabilia or collectibles from Irish Legends?

Please follow the ordering instruction when prompted. Remember to fully complete the ordering process, or the will not be received. Once the order is received, an Irish Legends representative will contact you and confirm the ordered items, availability, costs of the order including shipping, handling, insurance and tax (Cal. residents only)

If you have any questions or comments, please email us or call 800/646-1977 between 10am and 10pm, everyday.

Note: orders paid by check will not be shipped until the check has cleared.
(5-7 days) Orders (except Don Stacy photos) paid by money order will be shipped within 24 hours when possible.

How can I contact Irish Legends with a question about my order?

Please email us at webmaster@irishlegends.com or write us at:

Irish Legends Inc.
917 Larrabee Street Suite 26
Los Angeles, CA 90069

What are the acceptable methods of payment for items ordered from Irish Legends?

At this time, Irish Legends accepts Visa and MasterCard, personal checks and both bank and postal money orders as forms of payment. Orders paid by personal check will be delivered after the check clears the bank. Items paid by bank or postal money orders will be shipped within 24 hours, whenever possible.

What are the shipping options?

Irish Legends offers all customers US Post Office Priority Mail Service as our standard delivery system. All delivery prices include postage, insurance and handling. For faster delivery we suggest Express or Overnight delivery. The cost may be more if the package size or weight is excessive.

I have a question about shipping methods, costs and order arrival?

Please refer to the chart below.

Purchase amount
Standard Delivery
Express Delivery
Overnight Delivery
Up to $20.00
$ 6.00
$ 7.00
$ 8.00
$ 9.00
$100.01 and over

What is the Irish Legends Returns, Exchanges and Refund Policy?

Should you not be fully satisfied, please return your purchase within 10 days of receipt. Merchandise returned for exchange or refund will our prompt attention. When returning merchandise, please include all your original packaging and paperwork you received with your order. Please return via US Post Office Priority Mail carefully packaged and insured. We can refund shipping costs only if the return is a result of our error.

Do I have to pay sales tax for my Irish Legends purchases?

State laws require companies to collect sales tax from residents shipping merchandise to states where the company has established offices. Irish Legends is located in California; we are, therefore, required to collect sales taxes on orders shipped to locations in the state of California.

Can I give Irish Legends merchandise as a gift? How about Gift Certificates?

Yes, just contact us with the item you would like to send and we will ship it for you with a card and your sentiments expressed. We can also provide gift certificates in the amounts of $10, $25, $50, $75, and $100.

How often will Irish Legends be updated?

Irish Legends will post a new edition of Irish Reveries and Herb's Archive monthly. For each month, a theme will be chosen and appropritate content will be included. For example, January will be "Bowl Month" with information about famous bowl victories from past years, and March will be dedicated to Knute Rockne.

We will also be adding new and different items to our Memorabilia and Collectibles page, and new photos to the Don Stacy Photography page. New books will be added to the Book section monthly.

What browser do you recommend using with Irish Legends?

Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or 4.0 and Netscape Navigator or Communicator 3.0 or 4.0 will work fine. If you are reading this FAQ then you are ok.

Can I contribute a letter, story or an article to be considered for posting on Irish Legends?

Yes, we encourage readers to submit letters, articles, anecdotes and stories about the Notre Dame family. All submissions will reviewed and chosen for posting by our Irish Legends staff. By submitting an item for consideration, you thereby give Irish Legends permission to reprint the submissions on our website. Submissions can be made to letters@irishlegends.com.

Does Irish Legends buy Notre Dame collectibles?

Yes, Irish Legends is interested in purchasing your Notre Dame football collectibles, books and memorabilia. Please contact us at webuy@IrishLegends.

What if my question is not answered on this page?

If you didn't find the answer to your question on this page, please send an e-mail to info@irishlegends.com and we will respond to you personally.